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Decorating idea's can come from the strangest places! This year I was inspired to deck out a friend's home for Christmas by this painting found at one of my favorite stores, HomeGoods  You should have a pretty good idea of where I was going with my theme, right!  Of course, this wasn't your typical holiday decor, but if you met my friend you'd understand this was right up her ally.  

While my theme was Paris, I needed touches that would give it a festive modern holiday feel.  Sprinkling in some gold, fur, feathers and glitter would definitely do the trick.


We have a saying, when everything in the cart is ebbing and flowing you know you've done well!


On the side we refer to as the conversation area I started with the Christmas tree.  There was glitter everywhere!  I had glitter in my hair, up my nose and I can't even tell you how the hell I got glitter in my

Miko approved our wrapping paper selections.


The collection of ornaments came from Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Pier1, HomeGoods and Target.


Not everything in life is perfect and sometimes we have just have to roll with it, so we didn't let the fact that our owl lost an eye deter us from choosing it as a tree topper. 


I switched out her old coffee table for this 24kt gilded table she scored at an estate sale, added some fur pillows, and antler lamps from Pier1. 


I finished off the table with this decorative bowl filled with bulbs all from Pier1 to add layers of texture.


I had pretty much finished the top of mantle except for lights.  I decided to paint the inside of the bookshelves to tie in the painting and add some more pops of color.  Upon my arrival I notice someone has added lights and nailed them to the mantle.....ughh!  Who nails things to the mantle!! Turns out my friends husband was the guilty party.  Bless his soul he was trying to help but clearly hadn't gotten the memo that no one is allowed to touch the


If you want to sign up for a paint job don't go throwing paint up willy nilly.  A paint job will only have a professional looking finish if you tape off the edges before you begin.


Hang the stockings, tuck a reindeer inside the fireplace with a faux fur blanket and Voila!


When your old coffee table doesn't go with your new decor what do you do?  You get a new table!  This beautiful marble top coffee table comes from


A view looking into the conversation area


A view from the conversation area into the main sitting area.


Nothing gets you more in the mood for good eats than a beautifully decorated table.   


To camouflage the base of this pedestal serving tray I layered in some filler balls and pinecones.


Now to polish the silverware.


"What do you think of this Parisian style christmas?  Leave a comment below and share with your friends."